Weigh day number 2

Hi guys. It’s Miss SlimmingCouple. Sorry we haven’t been on top of the posting thing the past few days. It was weigh day today. I put on a pound and Mr SC didn’t go. I’m really fed up tonight. I have tried so hard all week and made better decisions but no good results.
I have stuffed myself silly today with pizza and kebab to console myself which has now led to me feeling even more down about things. My self confidence is down and as I keep disappointing myself it just gets worse and worse. I don’t know what is the matter with me?!

I love Mr SC so much and I want him to be proud of his girlfriend and not to have to walk down the road next to me getting all these weird horrible looks from other people. I know he doesn’t notice/say anything but it gets to me. I want to be the pretty slim girl but I suppose I need to realise that’s never gunna happen.

Anyway. That’s enough of my ranting and raving. So it’s not been a good week. Ill wake up tomorrow and I’ll start again. I’ll give it one more week and rethink things and hopefully feel a bit better tomorrow.

Goodnight gorgeous people xxxx


Weigh day

Mr slimmingcouple here tonight, had a very good day food wise with lots of fruit for breakfast and lunch! Thursday is weigh day, this time I was up first ready to face the dreaded scales would I be facing a gain or had my decision Monday night to really give this diet another go worth it! Well it certainly was worth it 3.5 pounds off this week and by god do I feel good about it.

It really gives me the confidence going into next week realising that I can do this if I set my mind to it. The weekend isn’t going to be as easy as we would like as we are off to Miss slimmingcouple’s parents for the weekend. Her mum is a chubby feeder, she’s a food tech teacher so she is making all different cakes all day every day, making her cooking very hard to resist. Me and miss slimmingcouple have made a pack that we stall not deprive ourselves of her mothers wonderful cakes but we will have a normal portion cut in 2 so we are having less than we would normally have, this seems like a good plan but time will tell and hopefully willpower will outweigh temptation.

We both wish you all a very nice evening and day tomorrow, Miss slimmingcouple will be blogging over tomorrow and I will be back to update you all over the weekend 🙂

Goodnight fellow bloggers

Mr & Miss slimmingcouple xx

Day two

So, is Miss SlimmingCouple starting off tonight. We totally forgot to post yesterday but back at it again tonight. Had a good day today I suppose. Been quite emotional morning with customers I’ve seen at work and then a quiet but busy afternoon getting lots of odd jobs done. I had a lot of time this afternoon to think about things and myself and I’ve got my head back in the game now. Stuart has connections to fruit and veg through his work so I’ve asked him to bring me my own bowl/box once a week to take into work as the biscuits need to stop being so tempting so a bowl of fruit must help… Surely?!?!? 

Anyways, as say, lots of thinking done today. Had a bit of a cry last night as feel so down about myself at the moment but all I can do is change I suppose. My self confidence personally and inside has taken a big hit and I feel like bursting inti tears every time I look at myself so I need to change. I need to do something so it’s started. I will stick to this as why should I not be happy when everyone else is? I know Stuart thinks I’m silly for thinking it but having him there as support is a massive factor for me and doing this together is what is helping me get through the tougher times and the temptation of having those biscuits at work.


So my food diary today… I went for a green day so for breakfast was a passion fruit and a muller light yoghurt. Lunch was chickpea Dahl with rice, yoghurt, grapes and a passion fruit and for dinner ive just had quorn meatballs in a tomatoey, oniony sauce pasta pasta… Thanks to Mr SlimmingCouple. It was all very yummy and as i had my HEB left, treated myself to some toast with cheese spread for bedtime snacks.


So a good day both food wise and at work so I shall leave you be and pass you over to Mr SlimmingCouple:


so how’s my day been……… Well after a bit of a deep conversation with our slimming world consultant who happens to be my auntie we are both back on track, it’s been a hard few weeks with miss slimmingcouple on a course and both worrying about finances but hey ho life’s for living so here we are back on track and ready to face to world. I personally have had a very good day both food wise and at work and am already for my meetings tomorrow. Today I had fruit for breakfast (Apple, clementines, raspberries and a plum) lunch was a jacket potato with beans and quorn meatballs for dinner, snack consisted of more fruit, yoghurts and boiled eggs (weird I know). Tomorrow will be the testing day as I have a meeting all day with a working lunch which will be picky food (Sausage rolls, quiche, rolls, pork pies, cake) to be honest I’m not going to try and resist eating anything because it will end in either two ways, 1. Me eating all the food or 2. Eating my colleagues and customers and seeing as that won’t be a good idea I’ve settled for having a small plate of food to tie my over until I’m out of the meeting and can return to my yummy fruit salads. 


We will both report back tomorrow evening to keep you all updated on how our day was!!


have a wonderful night/day tomorrow! 

Thanks for all your support 


Mr & Miss slimmingcouple 

X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 

The journey begins …

So here goes…

We’re a young couple who are happily in love but there’s a problem. We’re both rather chubby. Now, we don’t like the words obese, fat etc. so we’ll refer to it as we’re fluffy. A common saying between us both. But we’re ready to change.

So, Stuart is 21 and I’m (Katie)  20. We’ve been together for just over 2 years. We enjoy going out for meals, a bit too much, hence the need to lose weight. We’ve tried it sooooo many times before but we need to try something different and actually stick to it so hopefully writing a blog together every night will help keep us both motivated and in the game.

We’ve been going to slimming world for a few months now but it’s been difficult sticking to it but from tomorrow, we’re back in the game. Every night we shall post a blog, either Stuart or me will write or even together or both have a bit but we’ll make it clear who’s talking. So.. Welcome to our journey.. Slow and steady, we will be happy with ourselves.

I’ll let Stuart have his first bit tonight and then I’ll have my personal bit after ….

Stuart: so as Katie had said we both love each other but the problem is we don’t love ourselves, tbh I don’t even like myself. We started slimming in January and we get weighed every Thursday nights, results regardless good or bad will be posted to let you guys know how we are getting on. In my first month at slimming world I lost just over 1 and a half stone picking up my slimmer of the week and slimmer of the month, for the first time in my life I was proud of myself feeling like I’ve achieved something I have been trying for so long, since the middle of feb I’ve just relaxed a little to much but as of tomorrow back on the plan! Just to give you a bit on an idea I have 13 stone to lose according to my BMI so it’s not like it’s just a stone or two this is a life changing journey and I know that together we will get there ready of the major events in our lives!

Katie’s go…

So Stuart has said his bit, Im about the same size as Stu so I also have about 13 stone to lose but will be happy losing 10. I’m currently a size 26/28 but I wear the bigger of that, (30’s) just as I’m scared of buying things that don’t fit. I want to be a size 16/18 and I’ll be happy with myself again. I haven’t been happy with myself from as early as I can remember. I have days when I sit and cry about the way I look and then other days I can get up and manage it. When I met Stuart, my life changed, someone actually loved me for being me. It took me a long time to accept that and he will never know how grateful I am as he got me out of a dark hole. I want to change and be more healthy, like he says.. For marriage and babies, which I hope will happen at some point and I want to be happy when this happens. I have had years of being fluffy and having awful self esteem but I want to be happy, why should I suffer when everyone else can happy? So time to change… I look forward to posting tomorrow. 😀


Mr & Miss SlimmingCouple xx